How do your fees compare with the fees of other attorneys?


You will find attorneys with lower fees. If you do retain our firm, rest assured that you will not be surprised with unanticipated fees or expenses. Our contract will spell out the terms of the fee agreement without legalese or ambiguity. We are always upfront with our fees, and we prefer to work on a flat fee basis in order to provide a measure of cost certainty. Keep in mind: the most inexpensive attorneys may do excellent work, but then again they may not. We have had innumerable clients over the years who opted for a less expensive attorney at the initial stage of their case only to hire us years later, at far greater expense, to conduct their appeal.


Is it possible to pay my fees over time?


Yes. Many of our clients, especially those whose immigration cases take years to complete, are on a payment plan.


Will you take my case for free?


The firm dedicates a significant amount of time to pro bono activities. Since 2011 we have dedicated our immigration pro bono work to victims of human trafficking. If you are a victim of human trafficking, or are inquiring on behalf of a victim of human trafficking, please contact us.