My non-immigration case is outside of California. Can your firm represent me?


Maybe. Contact us for a complimentary evaluation. Our firm has represented clients in state and federal civil and criminal cases in jurisdictions outside of California.


Why can I not ask a paralegal or assistant a quick question about my case?


In order to avoid misunderstandings we insist that all substantive, case related questions be addressed to one of our attorneys. Our receptionists are instructed not to answer any case specific questions and will direct your call only to one of our attorneys.


I am a Spanish speaker with limited English language skills. Do I need an interpreter?


Yes. We have many Spanish speaking clients, all of whom rely on a friend or family member to communicate with our attorneys.


I have been trying to call your office collect from prison and can never reach you. Is there a good time to call?


No. Our receptionists have been instructed not to take collect calls. Have a relative or friend, preferably one not in prison, contact us.